Hey there everyone, Tyler here, and I just wanted to drop in and give you all a heads up on my latest and greatest project, Virtual Mind. I am a video game enthusiast. From a very early age,  and honestly for as long as I can remember, Video games have always been there for me. From my simple beginnings with Game Boy and Super Nintendo to the present day of Xbox360 and my PC, I grew up with them just as much as they grew up with me.  They are my electronic buddies, my virtual friends, my story tellers. Now I was just joking there, all silliness aside, it is amazing how much my life revolves around video games. Not only is it a hobby of mine but its a passion.


How is this not beautiful?

There is so much to video games that people seem to ignore by ignorantly giving consoles and games the label of “Children’s’ toy”. They are an art form, they are a medium  for story telling, they can teach, and they can move. Video games in modern culture are far more then just some toy, they hold endless amounts of possibilities that everyone can benefit from. I want to share my passion, I want to create a bridge to give you, the reader, an insight to something that is very dear to me. So without further ado i give you Virtual mind. I’m going to show you all a thing or two about what it is like to be a gamer by giving you insight into up coming releases, my opinions of the industry, and over all just anything I can think up to share. I will be giving you updates as much as possible into my projects, reviews, thoughts, or rants on anything that comes to mind that I think is worth while. Make sure to check in regularly, ill be sure to keep things coming. Heres a quick list of things to be looking forward to in the future.

  • “Is there Value in What I Do?”- An in depth exploration of a very common question gamers are asked
  • “The Wow Project”- Take a look into my other worldly endeavors as I explore “World of Warcraft”

So there’s the line up folks, I’ll be working hard to make sure I can get something new to you all as soon as possible, until then, reflect on what I’ve just said. I would love to hear opinions on the matter.