Well friends, unfortunately it is Sunday and we all have to get back to work. What a shame. It’s been a long week hasn’t it? Why is it that these damn weekends of ours are so short? It seems like time is just flying by me and I don’t have any time to stop and enjoy what’s been going on. So what’s the point of this here post you may be thinking? Well gosh darn it I’ll tell you and you better damn like it or papa is gonna get the hose. As I do every Sunday (may I add this is a completely fabricated lie) I sit and reflect upon the things that have happened. Was the week good, or was it bad? Am I alive or am I dead? Hypothetical questions so don’t bother posting a comment because I really could care less about your stupid life. Yes I just yelled at myself. Are we going to have a problem? That’s what I thought. So we here at the Shpitz want to ask you a question. We want to pose a question and we would like our faithful readers to take some time and reflect upon it. So here’s our little Sunday question for you, we hope you enjoy.

If for some reason your family were murdered in cold blood, would you exact your revenge on those who were responsible? Would you become a vigilante and take the law into your own hands, or would you wait for the law to bring the culprits to justice?