Hey there children! Welcome to yet another addition of Mallard Monday! That’s right Susie Q, it’s that time of the week where we here at the Shpitz look through our hundreds of contestants to find out who will be the Mallard of The week! I’ll be honest with you readers. When deciding on the winner, we usually choose the duck who pays us the most money, were suckers for cold hard cash. Unfortunately ducks don’t use money, so we’re stuck sitting and waiting for the impossible. When that plan fails, we always choose the most obscure duck we can, I mean come on, who doesn’t like seeing someone who is so messed up that it makes us feel better about ourselves. This week is different. I have made sure to sift through all the wacko’s that we see around here. Instead we have spent quite a bit of time trying to find someone who is trully worthy of being the Mallard of the week. Without Further ado, I give you, the one, the only, Jeff Leduckski, a.k.a  The Duck.

I know, I know, hes not a duck in the slightest, I had photo shopped a duck bill on him but it just wasn’t good enough. The reason The Dude gets the reward is because, well, frankly hes just The Dude. The Dude abides. He is my ultimate hero, hes the man for his day and age. Its hard to do him justice. It would take a long time. A lot of words even. Sounds like a review is brewing! I apologize for the deviation from the usual Mallard Monday, but I have been thinking about The Dude a lot recently. Need to watch my weekly dose of The Big Lebowski. Farewell fellow viewers!