Music happens to be something I’m entirely passionate about. I figured that since I haven’t posted in a while, I would post about something completely different than done previously.

So let’s go back a while. During this post I will also add why certain types of music are in any way important to my childhood or whatever. Not exactly entertaining, but who the hell cares? It’s a blog.

Shuffling through my iTunes to find the first subject:

They're from Texas...

Eisley. This band is made up of a bunch of family members and girls with annoying attitudes. The great thing about them is their arrangements on their music. Two voices which give a flavor to the different melodies. Their lyrics are relate-able, their music is moving and their entirety is awesome. Genre is hard to stick, but it’s kinda folksy with twists of psychedelic rock.
Best track: Ambulance from their Fire Kite EP.

Working Class Heroes. Assuming their name comes from the John Lennon song you wouldn’t ever guess their genre. They’re pop-meets angst ridden rock. Female fronted, but definitely defy the “lyrics have to be about chick things” when you hear them. They’re from Wales…Cardiff. I happen to enjoy bands from said place, such as Kids in Glass Houses, they rock. So to sum that up.
Get these songs: Do You Know by Working Class Heroes from their album Shout Small Talk.
Matters At All   or   Lilli Rose by Kids in Glass Houses from their album DIRT.

A greattt album

Phantom Planet. These guys blew my mind when I saw them in Mesa live. They’re Oingo Boingo in more “teen accessible” attire. Their stage presence was unmatched that night (put up next to Paper Route, Jack’s Mannequin and Paramore). I forgot about the other bands playing and just really enjoyed Phantom Planet’s 20 minute set. They’re amazingly awesome because they really grab you with their lyrics, but most of all their throw back melodies and music. Their guitar riffs are so old-school that they’ve made it new and awesome. No one does stage presence like these guys.
Downside: They’ve been on hiatus for far too long.
Song to get: Do the Panic from their album Raise the Dead.

Don't be fooled...they're awesome

The Runaways. I’ve been listening to these guys for ages. I would loooove to have a chance to see Joan live. They’re a primary influence in every rock chick’s life, or at least should be. Joan’s writing, Cherie’s aggressive vocals, Lita’s crazy awesome solos and Sandy killing it on drums every time made this band super influential in music. So yea, the movie that came out got some stuff wrong about their start-up, but whatever, read a book, listen to their music, you’ll see why it’s not their story in a movie that matters, but their music instead. Cherry Bomb is amazing, but a personal favorite is Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin. These guys killed it.
Get their song: Everything you can get your hands on. Derrr.
Similar expression: The Bangles (but they’re not quite as aggressive).

The Postal Service. Their way of layering on one sound at a time was certainly one of those most powerful things I’d ever heard in music. Such Great Heights is obviously the song everyone knows, but their song The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, although it takes a while to get into, has one sound, builds to two, then adds vocals…before you know it, there’s twenty different textures to the song which keep you guessing the whole time. Their such normal sounds too, that’s what makes it the largest and most amazing deal.
Song to get: Nothing Better, The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.

Similar artist: Imogen Heap/Frou Frou.

Merp, he's amazing

Eminem. Believe it or not, my parents love him. I used to listen to him all the friggin’ time. I can still keep up with most of his songs, but he’s pretty insane. I’m pretty sure everyone knows who he is, but I just love him. He was recently on a track with B.o.B. called Airplanes Part II…his part was just genius. In Mexico, there’s this poetry reading, but you put as much of your emotion into it as you can. This is what this guy does every time. Anything he does…it’s not rapping (simply rhyming words together and making prose) it’s emoting everything he has.
Favorite: Without Me (my dad wants this played at his funeral).

They're boys

Zebrahead. They’re not as popular as they should be. These guys are the typical California band. They’re amazing. Saw them live with a friend and they were all over the place. I got to meet their guitarist and everything. Yers, it was quite the experience. During Playmate of the Year, we were all instructed to mosh and say, “F***” really loud and put up our middle fingers after the “woo”. I’ve never had so much fun in a little club screaming words. You need to see these guys.
Songs to get: Anthem and Playmate of the Year.
Similar California band: Suicidal Tendencies (these guys need to be in your library).

I think I’m done for today.
My opinion of this music should not be seen as an overall Shpitz look at music, just one person’s views.
I’ll try to put in “Lesser Known Artists” for next time, I guess.
Enjoyyy and please buy their tracks.