no clue

Hey there everyone, Tyler here from virtual mind. So uh, as you might have noticed, its been a very long time since we’ve had an update to the segment. It seems that the excitement of posting my first recorded gaming videos on the web made me feel as if I could take a break. The satisfaction felt as if it would last a good week or so before another update. It seemed that once I finally stopped basking in the glory of my new-found abilities that I would soon dump hordes of new material onto the Blog. Well, sadly, that plan fell through. So what has been up? Where have I been? Where the hell is my assistant? Kyle! damn bastard. Anyhow, I have been playing video games. Too many actually. Along with the overdosing of PC gaming, I have been reading masses of reviews. Why? Well usually I would say that you got to run before you walk, but in this case I’m taking baby steps. I’ve been reading up on reviews from the pros, trying to hone in on the skills needed to properly right a fair and just video game review. A part of that process is actually playing through a whole game. So you can see where the trouble comes from. Now that is not to say that I’ve been playing games for reviews. Hell I’ve just been lazy as ever.

Along with my ever-increasing laziness, I’m having troubles with my software. Firstly I just downloaded windows 7, and since then have been trying to keep my downloading to a minimum. I’m trying to be legit. Keep my PC clean. With windows 7 comes some problems. The main problem is that a program I use to mount my PC games doesn’t work on seven (Daemon Tools). All it takes really is downloading a new program, but laziness always takes its course. Also. when installing 7, I wiped all my old memory from when i was using vista. Included in this large digital pile of junk was my recording software. So really I just need to spend a good 30 minutes to get everything up and running again. Don’t worry we will have something soon. The fact that I’m writing this is a good sign right? Stay tuned, because there will be something coming up in the near future.