NSFDP — Not So Focused Discussion Point
Aqua Phobia edition

This is basically what I do everyday: internal monologues that come out into the world and should really just be stuffed back into my brain and never let out again–youshouldplaypsychonauts. This new-ish segment that I–MissyAnya–have is just me being me and talking about weird crap. Some stuff will be girly and some stuff will be so dude-like you’d swear I was Ky-wait…Wi-…. ….there’s no dudes like that on The Shpitz…so, I’ll just be really dude-like. It’s not exactly on point all the time, but who cares: it’s a blog.

So first: I went to an Aquarium quite recently. You should know that I have mild aqua phobia. I don’t like swimming, I don’t like being around water–large bodies of water–and I don’t like baths and such….they kinda scare me. This fear is completely ridiculous considering I don’t have any past history of trauma. Anyway…an Aquarium is not such a cool place for me to be. I asked an employee who worked there if they had a tunnel–even thinking about it makes me a little sick–and they said they did. I told them that was bad and then they teased me endlessly for it. It was grand. I was stuck in the tunnel for about 8 minutes, just breathing in and out trying to save myself from the evil water that could potentially break through the 4-10 inch glass enclosing the tunnel. Irrational: yes. I just looked on their site–because they’re hiring…in September–and voila! I found games online where you’re continually underwater as the character. …those are already scaring me just looking at the pictures and descriptions. Just look at Sea Hero. …*shudder*.

Do we need the w-w-water everywhere?

In all, this is to explain to myself and try to figure out why the hell I would ever want a job that obviously scares me more than it excites me and just to say that Nemo makes me cry…there’s so much water everywhere. Never go on the Disney ride for Finding Nemo…I really did cry while 4 and 5 year olds were having a blast looking out the window into gallons upon gallons of evil water.
(By the way…I went to the aquarium with my sisterr ’cause she wanted to go so I figured I’d try…it really doesn’t make sense at all.)

On to something really quickly….the ref of the US-Slovenia game….such a disappointment. The poor guy was probably sick–he kept wiping his nose–and was probably grumpy…

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