NSFDP — Not So Focused Discussion Point
Emmy Nominations Edition

This is basically what I do everyday: internal monologues that come out into the world and should really just be stuffed back into my brain and never let out again–youshouldplaypsychonauts. This new-ish segment that I–MissyAnya–have is just me being me and talking about weird crap. Some stuff will be girly and some stuff will be so dude-like you’d swear I was Ky-wait…Wi-…. ….there’s no dudes like that on The Shpitz…so, I’ll just be really dude-like. It’s not exactly on point all the time, but who cares: it’s a blog.

Alrighty, I got really into the fact that the nominations were posted. For some reason, I was super excited for them…..possibly because of Dexter, Glee, House, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory…everything else can kinda go suck it.

Now here’s for some fun. I shall now analyze all of Dexter and then Glee and then House and so on, JUST FOR FUN!! So here it goes:


Don't look at Rita. Whatever you do, don't look at Rita.

So this is pretty much the most amazing show to be on television in a long time. It’s controversial and yet has so much humanity, it’s ridiculous. Michael C Hall plays Dexter, who happens to be such a confused person, but knows exactly what he wants to do, which is pretty much like everyone in this world today. Only thing is: he’s a serial killer. He’s a nice serial killer, though….just so you know (’cause that makes it okay). In all, every person on this show is simply brilliant. Their ‘villains’ that they have each season keep the show fresh and exciting. Especially when John Lithgow (of 3rd Rock from the Sun) was the guest. He plays the most amazing villain.

Anyway! On to the nominations!!
Outstanding Drama
Outstanding Actor in a Drama (Michael C Hall)
Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series (John Lithgow)

This means my entire life is complete. MOVING ON!


The cool people are in blue

This is kind of every girl’s dream who enjoys music or singing in general. It spread fast over TV. It’s better than sliced bread (maybe…I do like my carbs). The use of the loser sign to make the L in Glee is super idiotic, but, hey, if it gets someone’s attention, it works. Here’s the thing: It’s my guilty pleasure. I would ordinarily claim to not enjoy it, but I can’t stay away from it! My family watches it together, typically. I am very much a music person. I analyze every cover they do. So is my daddio, so we tend to analyze the crap out of every song, but! It’s still exciting, even though they don’t do well every time. What do people love about it? I’m guessing it’s the characters? The best people are Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer. The cheerleading coach and arch nemesis of Glee and the gay kid in dancing and singing.

Here we go:
Outstanding Comedy
Outstanding Actress in a Comedy (Lea Michele)
Outstanding Actor in a Comedy (Matthew Morrison)
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy (Chris Colfer)
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Jane Lynch)
Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Neil Patrick Harris, Mike O’Malley)
Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series (Kristin Chenoweth)

Pretty much won one (hah…one, won, 1, wuhn) nomination in each category.


Hah, get it? The finger?

I am guilty of falling in love with House, more so, falling in love just anything that has to do with House. I especially liked how he dealt with patients, which is what everyone loves. For a long time, I wanted to be a doctor in the military (let’s just say that senioritis gave me some jitters and I quit). I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this show. Now let me just humor myself here for a bit. I just read through some of my old diaries (yea…gay, I know) and I remember now that I watched a commercial for House and fell in love. Then I watched the first episode (the pilot) when it aired. I was so excited I didn’t miss a single episode for the first two seasons. Then I moved and had no cable. Yea. That happens a lot. Anyway, I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m just gonna rant about it for a bit just for fun, ’cause I love this show. The season finale most recently was the best episode everrrr. It’s such a great show and, again, I’m quite sure everyone has seen at least one episode. If you haven’t, I shall kill you. The dialogue is witty and yes, it was inspired by Sherlock Holmes (I’m sorry, but I think Dupin > Holmes), they live at the same address and have the same addictions and such. To be honest, it’s entirely creative without being original. It’s awesome!!

Yeay, nomination! (Singular)
Outstanding Actor in a Drama (Hugh Laurie)

Modern Family

Does this look like your family? Join the club.

Don’t believe anyone who says this is a dysfunctional family. It’s not. It’s a normal family and a show that actually presents the ugly side of family with all the right lessons and all the right interactions. If you would like a show about dysfunctionality: watch Titus or any of his stand-up. This is not a dysfunctional family, it is a regular family. Anyway!! It’s an awesome show that has so many different personalities and it’s absolutely hilarious. The humor is too subtle for some people, but if you have a dry sense of humor and enjoy laughing at other people’s misfortune, this is the show for you. They just finished their first season and it’s entirely in it for the long run. Super hilarious. You can relate the situations to your family if you like, it makes it all the more entertaining.
Each actor does a supreme job, all the way down to Lilli (the baby girl the gay couple adopted). It takes a little while to grow on you, I’ve heard, but after episode 4, you’ll definitely be hooked.

The nominations are:
Outstanding Comedy
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burrell)
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara)
Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy (Fred Willard)

The Big Bang Theory

This is what they do! It's awesome!!

Finally to the best show and, as far as I know, the mutual favorite amongst members of The Shpitz. I’m pretty sure everyone loves this show. I don’t think anyone needs an introduction, but!!!!! The personal favorite in the household is Howard. He’s awesome. Personally I get tired of Raj. Obviously we all love Sheldon. Leonard, eh…we’ll see. Penny is also loved, but she’s only funny ’cause she’s confused most of the time. If only she would show her humor a bit more.

Onto the fun stuff:
Outstanding Actor in a Comedy (Jim Parsons)
Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy (Christine Baranski)

That’s all for today folk. Imma hit the showers ’cause I just got back from rugby and I’m smelly, hah. Fun stuff. I wish showers were instant. You could just say, “Go-go gadget shower!” You’d be clean. Speaking of Inspector Gadget…watch this: