NSFDP — Not So Focused Discussion Point
Wisdom Tooth Edition

This is basically what I do everyday: internal monologues that come out into the world and should really just be stuffed back into my brain and never let out again–youshouldplaypsychonauts. This new-ish segment that I–MissyAnya–have is just me being me and talking about weird crap. Some stuff will be girly and some stuff will be so dude-like you’d swear I was Ky-wait…Wi-…. ….there’s no dudes like that on The Shpitz…so, I’ll just be really dude-like. It’s not exactly on point all the time, but who cares: it’s a blog.

I just got my wisdom teeth taken out three hours ago. I’m up, there’s not a whole lot of pain…I’m just kinda tired. This is kind of a nice way to recover. Let me just walk you through my entire process because I have nothing better to do and I don’t feel like sleepin’ yet.

Now, nothing in this is gross or anything, it’s just me ranting about how this even happened. This is gonna be fun ’cause it’s kind of a 3 year process. Let’s begin.

When I was still in Warsaw, I started to get massive headaches. I tension headaches a lot from stress, but I figured out that these were from wisdom teeth pretty quickly. My mouth would pulse at night, which was kind of weird. I told my parents that they were growing in and that I could feel one coming through my gums. So yea, they said, “We’ll get it when we get to the States” ’cause they didn’t trust dental surgery there. Sooooo we get to Phoenix and I have an appointment (on my birthday) about my wisdom teeth and they tell me that they should have been taken out over a year ago. Woops!! So they told me that two of them were impacted (Growing sideways toward my teeth) and the other two were growing outwards (away from my teeth). Two of the were super infected. Ooops again!!

I went in today and it was the day of surgery!! Woot woot! I was getting general anesthetic, which I wasn’t happy about, but whatever. I went it, they asked me how much I weigh, sat me down, poked a needle in my arm and the surgeon came in and said, “We’re gonna give you something to relax, but it won’t knock you out.” By that point, I was already getting sleepy (it had only been 10 seconds of it in my arm). I must have fallen asleep before it ever even hit me that strongly. That’s kind of the last I remember. I woke up and they’re like, “How are you? You doin’ alright?” I had a crap load of gauze in my mouth so I couldn’t really talk, I just put my thumbs up and told them I was alright with the hand motions, hah. I don’t really remember anything else besides getting in the car and falling asleep, again, and getting home and not being able to balance very well as I went up the stairs, then just crashed out on my bed and slept. Now I’m up!! Going to Wal Mart soon. Woot woot.

Now, my wisdom teeth…I kinda miss them. I wanted to keep them and they said ‘no’. How sad is that?! That’s like…4 dollars from the Tooth Fairy!

By the way, I prefer to think of the Tooth Fairy more through the movie of “Darkness Falls” than the Disney movie “Tooth Fairy”. You should watch Darkness Falls someday…creeepy movie…….

Anyway!!! For the time being, I am using the “Victoria” voice on my computer and typing everything so that it is spoken by my dear friend Victoria. Loria. Gloria.
I met a nice Korean girl recently named Gloria. She’s pretty cool.

Yea, Imma get some meds, probably just ibupro-fun. =]. See what I did?

Love to the Shpitz for the stupidity of this post.