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So Rock Band! Rock Band is a lot of fun. A mountain of fun. More fun than a barrel of catatonic monkeys. Just think how much fun that is. That is so much fun!


Much Ado About Lebowski

The Dude Abideth

SF Indiefest and The Primitive Screwheads put together a stage adaptation of The Big Lebowski with a Shakespearean twist. There’s been a whole bunch of crazy movie adaptations on stage but this one sure takes the cake for me.


terrible title

Me when I discovered Hulu
I apologize for the lackluster Descent post yesterday; I was occupied with a magical creature called Hulu. I found out only this afternoon that I am capable of watching videos on Hulu while at work! I have no idea why this is. Hulu (among other sites) has a frustrating NO WATCHING OUR CRAP OUTSIDE OF THE STATES policy, and consequently I’m a little more stretched for entertainment than my US-based friends. Discovering this warehouse of digital media was a little overwhelming at first. There is so much stuff to watch! I watched an episode of Modern Family, Glee, and the first few minutes of Dr. Strangelove without a problem. I didn’t have to hunt down a DVD or download anything via torrents (not that I would ever do that ever). Unfortunately this well of delights is only available at work. My thinking is that the American embassy is considered to be on American soil, and hence isn’t technically outside of the United States. I’m not sure, and I don’t dare investigate further for fear of jinxing my discovery. What baffles me further is that my work computer has neither Flash nor Java activated on it, so I have no idea how Hulu functions.

I don’t mean to turn this post into a “starving children in Africa would love to have this” deal, but it’s going that way. You bored folks in the states (with a decent internet speed) are incredibly well off. Pandora, Hulu, Netflix, and other US-exclusive services are enough to entertain you for half of your lifetime. Going back to the internet speed thing, most people in the States have a significantly better connection than a surprising amount of the rest of the world (or at least the entirety of Poland). I miss playing World of Warcraft with a ping of <300 milliseconds.

I think I’m done grumbling for now- oh look, Star Trek: First Contact. See you in two hours!




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Amanda Bynes #Retires

She coulda been the next Meryl Streep.

Amanda Bynes, star of such innovating films as She’s the Man, Sydney White and Big Fat Liar, announced her retirement from acting through her twitter account Monday.

“I’ve never written the movies & TV shows I’ve been apart of I’ve only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play. Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem. If I don’t love something anymore I stop doing it. I don’t love acting anymore so I’ve stopped doing it. I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I’ve #retired.”

You know it’s true because of the hashtag. If Penelope Taynt is telling the truth, then The Easy A will be her last role in film and her part in Hair Spray will be her best one. She’ll always be Judge Trudy to me. Bring out the dancin’ lobstahs!

NSFDP – Aqua Phobia Post

NSFDP — Not So Focused Discussion Point
Aqua Phobia edition

This is basically what I do everyday: internal monologues that come out into the world and should really just be stuffed back into my brain and never let out again–youshouldplaypsychonauts. This new-ish segment that I–MissyAnya–have is just me being me and talking about weird crap. Some stuff will be girly and some stuff will be so dude-like you’d swear I was Ky-wait…Wi-…. ….there’s no dudes like that on The Shpitz…so, I’ll just be really dude-like. It’s not exactly on point all the time, but who cares: it’s a blog.

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Let’s talk about lists

I’ve just moved to a new house. Not really new…my sister lives here…she’s lived here for a while…according the market, it’s quite new though. Just two years old. It’s a new house in the market sense….and to me…but not to my sister…anyway! My family moved houses (except my sister…which just leaves my parents and me). Adjusting to a new house is not a new concept (new new new new new new new new new new new new new new) what is new is the amount of crap in the house that I have no clue about!

I’m pretty much full OCD without being diagnosed because it just comes off as natural. If you’ve seen The Big Bang Theory…I’m Sheldon. I have a morning routine and a nightly routine. I have a timer in my bathroom to time how long showers take, to time how long I brush my teeth (it should always be at least 2:30–let that be a lesson to the reader), how long I wash my face after the shower or before bed. I have a list of the things I need to complete before bed.

I have a compulsive need to make lists. Guess what has just started to come together in a totally random post? List making. I’m just now thinking of what I’m writing…it does not sound interesting at all…maybe I’ll just stop now.

Here’s one list:

1. Wake up and stretch out limbs for at least 8 minutes.
2. Get towel from linen closet and take a shower using a timer and timing the shower at under 8 minutes.
3. Once out of shower, brush through hair. 3 minutes.
4. Put in contacts. 1-2 minutes.
5. Brush teeth. 3 minutes.
6. Mouthwash. 1 minute.
7. Change into clothes that were laid out the night before. 4 minutes.
8. Have breakfast. max. 20 minutes.
9. Do whatever the hell is on the next list. N/A time.

What I’m getting to is: I’m compulsive. This house is new. I just wanted to post on The Shpitz. I need a life.

Check out Twitter. Bye.

The Descent – Part I

It’s summer time. School is over, the sun is shining and the tank is clean. It’s a time where everyone sits at home on their couch or on some tropical beach relaxing. Well, maybe not everyone. Kyle and I are working in a summer hire program for most of vacation (I just finished about a month of work and today was Kyle’s third day). The thing about being a summer hire is there really isn’t much for you to do. There aren’t a lot of jobs that summer hires are allowed, so most of the day is spent sitting at our computers waiting to be assigned a task. While it may at first not sound so bad, I mean getting paid to sit at a computer and do nothing sounds pretty easy right? Well, after eight hours of it a day you start to go a little….crazy.

So today we decided to introduce a new segment to try and keep our spirits up, or at least our sanity intact. It’s called “The Descent” and documents our fall into madness through daily logs of our activities. We hope you enjoy reading through our suffering!

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Turkey Tuesdays

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What To Watch – Batman: Under the Red Hood

For any big Batman or Batman: Animated Series fan, this is pretty awesome news. The famous story arch of The Red Hood has been turned into an animated film set for straight to DVD release on July 27. The film, similar to the comics, is set years after Jason Todd’s (the second Robin) death and follows Batman as he battles a new mysterious villain, Red Hood. I won’t give any spoilers away for those who haven’t read the story, but the twists are pretty crazy and the movie has an assortment of characters from Joker and Nightwing to Ra’s al Ghul to stick to the comics as much as it can.

While neither Kevin Conroy nor Mark Hamill return to voice the characters of Batman and Joker respectively, the new cast does include Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser M.D., How I Met Your Mother) and John DiMaggio (Gears of War, Futurama) to name just a few.

I know I’m excited about this thing and am definitely going to pick me up a copy come July 27, how about you guys?