Music happens to be something I’m entirely passionate about. I figured that since I haven’t posted in a while, I would post about something completely different than done previously.

So let’s go back a while. During this post I will also add why certain types of music are in any way important to my childhood or whatever. Not exactly entertaining, but who the hell cares? It’s a blog.

Shuffling through my iTunes to find the first subject:

They're from Texas...

Eisley. This band is made up of a bunch of family members and girls with annoying attitudes. The great thing about them is their arrangements on their music. Two voices which give a flavor to the different melodies. Their lyrics are relate-able, their music is moving and their entirety is awesome. Genre is hard to stick, but it’s kinda folksy with twists of psychedelic rock.
Best track: Ambulance from their Fire Kite EP.

Working Class Heroes. Assuming their name comes from the John Lennon song you wouldn’t ever guess their genre. They’re pop-meets angst ridden rock. Female fronted, but definitely defy the “lyrics have to be about chick things” when you hear them. They’re from Wales…Cardiff. I happen to enjoy bands from said place, such as Kids in Glass Houses, they rock. So to sum that up.
Get these songs: Do You Know by Working Class Heroes from their album Shout Small Talk.
Matters At All   or   Lilli Rose by Kids in Glass Houses from their album DIRT.

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