NSFDP — Not So Focused Discussion Point
Wisdom Tooth Edition

This is basically what I do everyday: internal monologues that come out into the world and should really just be stuffed back into my brain and never let out again–youshouldplaypsychonauts. This new-ish segment that I–MissyAnya–have is just me being me and talking about weird crap. Some stuff will be girly and some stuff will be so dude-like you’d swear I was Ky-wait…Wi-…. ….there’s no dudes like that on The Shpitz…so, I’ll just be really dude-like. It’s not exactly on point all the time, but who cares: it’s a blog.

I just got my wisdom teeth taken out three hours ago. I’m up, there’s not a whole lot of pain…I’m just kinda tired. This is kind of a nice way to recover. Let me just walk you through my entire process because I have nothing better to do and I don’t feel like sleepin’ yet.

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