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Me when I discovered Hulu
I apologize for the lackluster Descent post yesterday; I was occupied with a magical creature called Hulu. I found out only this afternoon that I am capable of watching videos on Hulu while at work! I have no idea why this is. Hulu (among other sites) has a frustrating NO WATCHING OUR CRAP OUTSIDE OF THE STATES policy, and consequently I’m a little more stretched for entertainment than my US-based friends. Discovering this warehouse of digital media was a little overwhelming at first. There is so much stuff to watch! I watched an episode of Modern Family, Glee, and the first few minutes of Dr. Strangelove without a problem. I didn’t have to hunt down a DVD or download anything via torrents (not that I would ever do that ever). Unfortunately this well of delights is only available at work. My thinking is that the American embassy is considered to be on American soil, and hence isn’t technically outside of the United States. I’m not sure, and I don’t dare investigate further for fear of jinxing my discovery. What baffles me further is that my work computer has neither Flash nor Java activated on it, so I have no idea how Hulu functions.

I don’t mean to turn this post into a “starving children in Africa would love to have this” deal, but it’s going that way. You bored folks in the states (with a decent internet speed) are incredibly well off. Pandora, Hulu, Netflix, and other US-exclusive services are enough to entertain you for half of your lifetime. Going back to the internet speed thing, most people in the States have a significantly better connection than a surprising amount of the rest of the world (or at least the entirety of Poland). I miss playing World of Warcraft with a ping of <300 milliseconds.

I think I’m done grumbling for now- oh look, Star Trek: First Contact. See you in two hours!