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Will and I (that’s right, Kyle’s doing the writing now) are working in a summer hire program for most of vacation. The thing about being a summer hire is there really isn’t much for you to do. There aren’t a lot of jobs that summer hires are allowed, so most of the day is spent sitting at our computers waiting to be assigned a task. While it may at first not sound so bad, I mean getting paid to sit at a computer and do nothing sounds pretty easy right? Well, after eight hours of it a day you start to go a little….crazy.

So we decided to introduce a new segment to try to keep our spirits up, or at least our sanity intact. It’s called “The Descent” and documents our fall into madness through daily logs of our activities. We hope you enjoy reading through our suffering!

Heya everybody and welcome to the fourth installment of The Descent! With Kyle behind the wheel of what is easily our longest and craziest work log yet, we go through a day full of desk upgrades, manticore fighting, christopher walken quoting, Will slaying action! Read up and enjoy, our pain is your pleasure!

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Heading In A Backwards Direction

Might Get Loud (2008)

Director: Davis Guggenheim

Starring: Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White

First off I’d like to apologize for the lack of quality posts on The Shpitz recently, most of us have either been too busy or too lazy to put stuff up more frequently and so consider this my promise to put up more stuff more often!

Well now that that’s out of the way, it’s MOVIE TIME!

It Might Get Loud is a documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim about guitar legends Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge. There is no significant connection between these three other than they are deeply passionate about their music and the electric guitar, and the documentary is simply a conversation with these three about their influences in artistic style and their experiences in making music. While listening to three guys ramble on for two hours may sound like a pretty boring documentary, I couldn’t have been any more entertained when watching this movie. Click more to find out why!

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There’s more than noise out there

Music happens to be something I’m entirely passionate about. I figured that since I haven’t posted in a while, I would post about something completely different than done previously.

So let’s go back a while. During this post I will also add why certain types of music are in any way important to my childhood or whatever. Not exactly entertaining, but who the hell cares? It’s a blog.

Shuffling through my iTunes to find the first subject:

They're from Texas...

Eisley. This band is made up of a bunch of family members and girls with annoying attitudes. The great thing about them is their arrangements on their music. Two voices which give a flavor to the different melodies. Their lyrics are relate-able, their music is moving and their entirety is awesome. Genre is hard to stick, but it’s kinda folksy with twists of psychedelic rock.
Best track: Ambulance from their Fire Kite EP.

Working Class Heroes. Assuming their name comes from the John Lennon song you wouldn’t ever guess their genre. They’re pop-meets angst ridden rock. Female fronted, but definitely defy the “lyrics have to be about chick things” when you hear them. They’re from Wales…Cardiff. I happen to enjoy bands from said place, such as Kids in Glass Houses, they rock. So to sum that up.
Get these songs: Do You Know by Working Class Heroes from their album Shout Small Talk.
Matters At All   or   Lilli Rose by Kids in Glass Houses from their album DIRT.

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The Who

Roger Daltry, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon are…THE WHO! And they’re pretty friggin awesome. They created the first rock opera, and are credited with being the first band to smash their instruments on stage (they didn’t just smash them they put explosives in them and blew them up).

Their costumes were pretty snazzy too


These guys were the epitome of rock and roll in their time. They used to throw parties in the hotels they stayed at when they were on the road. These weren’t just your ordinary, run of the mill parties. Did they have drugs? Yeah, it was the 70s. Did they blow up the hotel bathrooms, drive cars into the pool and get banned from every Holiday Inn in the United States…for life? Yup.

They lived the true life of a rock star, but you can’t just stigmatize their music as “rock”. There are few bands in the world that constantly defy categorisation. The Who is one of them. You could call them a raw punk outfit doing acoustic folk, or a reggae influenced heavy metal band and both would be right. The Who did whatever they wanted with their music and, going against what so many other bands did, they were the ones starting the trends, not following them.

To me The Who’s music is art. Their songs are all full of meaning, full of spirituality. Their songs have a way of speaking to me, creating some sort of emotion inside that comes back everytime I listen to it. Each time I hear one of their songs its as if I’m hearing it for the first time.

I can’t think of a better example of this than their album Quadrophenia, more specifically the song Love Reign O’er Me. From the opening piano solo playing with the sound of falling rain to the final crash of all the instruments at the end, this song really shows the meaning that they put into their music. Take a listen for yourselves: