I’ve just moved to a new house. Not really new…my sister lives here…she’s lived here for a while…according the market, it’s quite new though. Just two years old. It’s a new house in the market sense….and to me…but not to my sister…anyway! My family moved houses (except my sister…which just leaves my parents and me). Adjusting to a new house is not a new concept (new new new new new new new new new new new new new new) what is new is the amount of crap in the house that I have no clue about!

I’m pretty much full OCD without being diagnosed because it just comes off as natural. If you’ve seen The Big Bang Theory…I’m Sheldon. I have a morning routine and a nightly routine. I have a timer in my bathroom to time how long showers take, to time how long I brush my teeth (it should always be at least 2:30–let that be a lesson to the reader), how long I wash my face after the shower or before bed. I have a list of the things I need to complete before bed.

I have a compulsive need to make lists. Guess what has just started to come together in a totally random post? List making. I’m just now thinking of what I’m writing…it does not sound interesting at all…maybe I’ll just stop now.

Here’s one list:

1. Wake up and stretch out limbs for at least 8 minutes.
2. Get towel from linen closet and take a shower using a timer and timing the shower at under 8 minutes.
3. Once out of shower, brush through hair. 3 minutes.
4. Put in contacts. 1-2 minutes.
5. Brush teeth. 3 minutes.
6. Mouthwash. 1 minute.
7. Change into clothes that were laid out the night before. 4 minutes.
8. Have breakfast. max. 20 minutes.
9. Do whatever the hell is on the next list. N/A time.

What I’m getting to is: I’m compulsive. This house is new. I just wanted to post on The Shpitz. I need a life.

Check out Twitter. Bye.