Will and I (that’s right, Kyle’s doing the writing now) are working in a summer hire program for most of vacation. The thing about being a summer hire is there really isn’t much for you to do. There aren’t a lot of jobs that summer hires are allowed, so most of the day is spent sitting at our computers waiting to be assigned a task. While it may at first not sound so bad, I mean getting paid to sit at a computer and do nothing sounds pretty easy right? Well, after eight hours of it a day you start to go a little….crazy.

So we decided to introduce a new segment to try to keep our spirits up, or at least our sanity intact. It’s called “The Descent” and documents our fall into madness through daily logs of our activities. We hope you enjoy reading through our suffering!

Kyle has been through a week and a half of work. I’ve been through a little over a month. It’s starting to have an effect on us. The Descents are getting stranger and stranger. Soon they will all just be naked pictures of Kyle. I’m tellin ya man. Naked. Pictures. Of Kyle.

So before things get that bad, get your read on with The Descent Part VI! Today is hump day (not nearly as exciting as it sounds) and the strain Kyle and Will feel is painfully obvious. In their least exciting, most disappointing Descent yet, they go through…well…really not a whole heck of a lot happens. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more exciting day.

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