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Virtual Mind: The value of the game

The end?

Welcome everyone to virtual mind, where we take a look at anything with video games. Its been a long time coming but Ive finally gotten the time to sit down and type my thoughts out. Will, I don’t know how you are able to consistently put out quality reviews because just getting this started was hard enough for me.  As I grow up, and old habits and hobbies fall behind me, I cant help but question what I do. I can spend hours a day sitting contently in front of a computer monitor, or a TV screen, playing my favorite video games. Usually doing this doesn’t bother me at all, but as of late there seems to have been some sort of change. Now, thats not to say I’m no longer enjoying video games, no not at all. What happens lately is that I find myself questioning the time I spend on a game.  A sad fact of life is that everything that has a beginning has an end. This rule applies just as much to the virtual words, as it does to the real world. For example, lets take a look at world of Warcraft. As some of you may know, Wow is an online MMORPG that has no set end. The game has been going on for five years now and the average wow player plays approximately 2-3 hours a day. You can do the math. Thats a lot of time on a game. It may seem like there is no end with all the new content that is regularly released, but unfortunately there is. There will be a time where the developers have to close the game down and It may be due to lack of money, the age of the game, or low subscription levels, but the fact is it will one day end. All that time spent grinding mobs for loot, all the dungeons, all the people you met, all the villains you helped bring to justice, all the time invested. Gone. Reading this, you may be asking yourselves, “Why would anyone spend so much time on something like that, its a waste of time that could be spent doing something productive, something with more value.” There are a lot of people out there that believe video games are a waste of time. That there is no value to them. That the pixels that you spend so much time in front of have no value and should not be played. I must say that recently, I have been asking if there is value to what I do. Firstly how does one define value? How can anyone say that one thing as more worth than the other? What I want to do is to explore the value of games. I don’t want to make this a puff piece, and as difficult as it may be with such a biased background, I want to explore what value video games do have. I mean, there has to be something to them if I’ve been playing them for so long, right?

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The Raid Nights

Pink Floyd is in the background. Lights are turned down, music is low, computers are on. I’m situated in my bat cave, my fortress of solitude, my man cave. its 12 fucking 30 and i still have to wait another two hours before it happens. All the hype, all the waiting, all the late nights, the sleepless days, the mornings waking up in my shower asking my self how the hell i got there. all of it for this. Its raid night, and its time to kill some bitches. Thats right people. I’m a raider. Well actually to be more accurate I play Wow.  Tonight, like any of our scheduled Tuesday, Thursday and Monday nights, is the night where we brave men gather our strength to face the most death defyingly horrible creatures to ever be…so we get online and do 10 man progression raids. What that means is that my guild gets together and enters a raid dungeon and attempts to beat it. after that we keep doing it until we put the raid on farm, and we move on to more challenging tasks. Tonight we face our most horrible challenge yet. 2 hours left. This, my friends, is the shittiest part of living abroad. Time differences. If we end up wiping tonight i swear I’m going to be pissed.